: natural white water horn
: length about 10.5cm wide about 6.5cm
: for the whole body part scraping acupuncture massage health, good effect
function: anti-static, hair is not hairy, comb Smooth
suitable for the crowd: hair care hair, suitable for short hair / men / children / carry
1, horn comb can be descaled without sticking, itching without pain, warm without hanging

2, there is acceleration The scalp blood circulation, enhance immunity
3, clear inflammation and cool blood, analgesic and itching, prevent static electricity, no hair loss, sputum hair care, Shujin Huoxue,

: natural white water horn
: about 10.5cm long and about 6.5cm wide
Un pettine leggero e robusto, antistatico, flessibile e resistente all’usura Questo è un bel pettine da aggiungere al tuo kit da parrucchiere!
Adatto per shampoo e balsami e condizionatori, fornendo il regalo perfetto per ragazze, donne e uomini!
Hai bisogno di altri stili per favore vieni al nostro negozio Modolady
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