Hair care in summer

Hair care in summer

Come summer and we start taking measures to protect our skin from the sun. From stocking up sunscreens to using a pair of sunglasses while stepping out of home and drinking water to stay hydrated, we leave no stone unturned. But wait a minute… haven’t we forgotten something important? What about hair care?

During summer, we tend to visit the beach and chill in the pool frequently. But more often than not, we forget paying attention to our hair and scalp. Sooner or later it can lead to dry and damaged hair. It’s essential that we follow some basic steps and routine to ensure that our tresses stay healthy regardless of the weather.

Here are a few tips to take care of hair during summer:

Cover and tie it up: Use a cap or hat while stepping out in the sun but ensure that it is not too tight and that it allows proper air and blood circulation. Alternatively, you can wear a scarf. Preferably, use a light coloured cotton scarf. Tie up your hair during summers. Plaits, pony tails or a simple bun can prevent your hair from excessive sun exposure and help you stay cool as well.

Consider oil treatment: There are a wide variety of essential oils readily available in stores. The traditional coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil, are the best bet this season. Massage your scalp with lukewarm oil to derive maximum benefits.

Stay cool: Hot showers should be avoided. The least you want your hair to go though is a hot water shower after exposure to the scorching sun. A cool water rinse will help your hair retain its natural shimmer.

Shampoo right: Use mild shampoos that moisturize your hair as well. Do not over shampoo your hair. Let your hair absorb the natural oils.

Condition: Remember to use conditioner after you shampoo your hair. Dry your hair with towel (instead of blow dryer) and apply a leave-in conditioner evenly on your tresses. Preferably, opt for a leave-in conditional that comes with natural ingredients. Regular deep conditioning in summer season is bliss.

Say no to electric appliances: Avoid using hairdryers, rollers and curling irons. Let the hair dry and set naturally.

Forget experimentation: Do not experiment too much with your hair. Hair colours, bleaches and straighteners should be used in moderation or avoided during the hot season. Opt for natural hair products and stay away from the ones with alcohol content that result in hair dryness. Hairsprays should be a strict NO in this season. They come with ingredients that cause drying and reduce the moisture content of the hair.

Use UV protection: Save your hair and scalp from damage by applying good quality hair products with SPF when you need to be out in sun for long.

Cut, cut, cut: Trim your hair every month to avoid split and frizzy ends.

Drink well: Consume enough amount of water since good hydration also means healthy hair.

Take good care of your hair in summer and see them shine and bounce when monsoon arrives!

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